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This website will show you how to download dayz. You can't use this to play on official servers but you can play on the private servers hosted by Tunngle's large user base. The servers are even bigger than the standard 30 player official hive servers and some offer little mods like different starting gear. All in all, I think that you should buy the game and support the developers at Bohemia Interactive because they do some extraordinary work and really deserve it. If you want to try the game now, you can download it below. Get the DayZ Download below!

The installation instructions are pretty clear, just follow the steps below which are also included in a readme.txt file.
  1. Complete a simple offer to get the official game.
  2. Use WinRar or similar program to extract files.
  3. Let the WinRAR archive extract into the correct path, change directory if necessary.
  4. Paste the two files in the game directory.
  5. Click "Replace".
  6. Done installing the game!
  7. You will now need to install Tunngle.

File Info:
File Size: ~5GB
File Type: .exe(WinRAR Installer)
Install Directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DayZ

Virus Check:
Virus Checker: Virus Total
File name: dayzsasteam-THETHINGY.exe
Detection ratio: 0 / 50
Analysis date: 2014-06-19

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